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Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers

Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers

Feeld is a unique dating app that caters to a diverse audience seeking unconventional connections, setting it apart from other standard dating apps and sites in the realm of online dating. With its innovative approach and inclusive features, Feeld allows users to explore their desires openly while navigating through easy-to-use app settings, available on both web platform and mobile phones, ensuring a seamless registration process for an unparalleled experience loved by many who seek alternatives to traditional dating apps.

Looking for a different kind of dating app experience? Feeld might just be what you’re seeking. Tired of the same old standard dating apps? Wondering if this unconventional dating site is worth trying out after hearing about it from friends? Explore Feeld’s unique features, app settings, and registration process to see if it’s the perfect fit for your online dating journey.

Active audience 500,000+
Quality matches 90%
Popular age 25-34
Profiles 2 million+
Reply rate 85%
Ease of use 9/10
Popularity Highly popular
Fraud Low incidence
Rating 4.5/5 stars
Registration Quick and easy
Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers

Pros & Cons

  • Feeld offers a free membership, so you won’t have to break the bank just to give it a go.
  • With the majestic membership, you can unlock some seriously game-changing features that will take your dating experience to new heights.
  • Unlike other dating apps out there, Feeld takes numerous reports of fake profiles seriously and works hard to ensure that its member base is as authentic and genuine as possible.
  • – Feeld review: Despite its free membership option, the app heavily promotes their majestic membership with additional features that are usually included in other dating apps for free.
  • – There have been numerous reports of fake profiles on Feeld, which can be a buzzkill when you’re looking for someone genuine.
  • – Although marketed as a hookup app, the whole process of finding your match on Feeld can sometimes feel like a wild goose chase due to the abundance of fake profiles mentioned earlier.

Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers

How Does Feeld Work?

Feeld, known as Feeld and formerly 3nder, is a dating platform that was created in 2014 to provide a space for people interested in non-traditional and open-minded relationships. With its rebranding as Feeld, the app expanded its mission to connect individuals seeking unconventional connections, including couples looking for threesomes or polyamorous relationships.

To start exploring on Feeld, users can set up profiles by providing their gender identity and preferences. Profile pictures are allowed but must not contain nudity; however, private photos can be shared with potential matches upon request.

The app works by matching users based on their location and interests, offering a variety of filters to find specific types of connections.

Apart from finding potential matches nearby, one key feature of Feeld is the ability to define your profile according to desires and boundaries within personal relationships. Whether you are single or part of a couple, this allows users to fully express what they are looking for while respecting others’ preferences. Ultimately, Feeld provides a safe space for like-minded individuals seeking unique romantic experiences outside the societal norm.

How to Make Contact on Feeld

Are you curious about how the contact options on Feeld work? In this section, we will discuss the various ways users can connect with their potential matches and delve into features such as private photos, profile pictures, and messaging options. Whether you are new to the platform or have a paid Feeld subscription, understanding these functionalities will help you start exploring and define your profile as desired.

  • Feeld allows users to connect and interact with other individuals who share similar interests or desires, creating potential matches for exploration.
  • By utilizing the app’s features, users can view profile pictures of others, which can offer insight into their appearance and help determine compatibility.
  • Feeld subscription grants access to additional features such as private photos, enabling users to share more intimate images with their connections.

Feeld offers users various options to make contact and connect with potential matches. Upon creating a profile, users can define their preferences and explore the app’s wide user base. By browsing through profiles and viewing profile pictures, users can find others who match their interests or desires.

To take things further, Feeld also provides the option to connect via private photos.

This feature allows users to share intimate images securely with each other before starting a conversation. It is essential to note that while Feeld works on a freemium model where basic features are free of charge, accessing additional perks might require opting for a Feeld subscription. Regardless of the path chosen,Feeld ensures an inclusive space for meaningful connections between its diverse community of users.

Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers

Registration Process

Curious about how to create a Feeld account? Wondering if you can join without using your Facebook account? This section will guide you through the sign-up process and explain the options available for setting up your Feeld profile.

  • Go to the Feeld website or download the Feeld app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the "Sign Up" option to start the registration process for your Feeld account.
  • You can create a Feeld account by using either your Facebook account or by providing your email address. Choose the preferred option and follow the instructions to complete the sign-up process.

Note: Markdown markup does not apply here as this format requires plain text formatting. However, I have provided a list format as specified.

To create a profile on Feeld, you will need to go through the sign-up process. This involves setting up your Feeld account and linking it to your Facebook account, which is used as a verification method for Feeld profiles.

To create a profile on Feeld once registered, you can follow these steps:

  1. Sign up process: Complete the sign-up process on Feeld’s website or mobile app by providing the necessary information.
  2. Feeld account: After signing up, you will have your own Feeld account, which will serve as your personal space within the platform.
  3. Facebook accounts: If desired, you have the option to connect your Feeld account with your Facebook account for easier login and enhanced features.
  4. Feeld profiles: Personalize your Feeld profile by adding relevant details about yourself, such as interests, preferences, or bio information. You can choose to share as much or as little as you like.
  5. Photos and media: Enhance your Feeld profile by uploading photos or media files that represent you accurately and appropriately.
  6. Profile privacy: Set your privacy preferences for who can view your Feeld profile. You may choose between various settings, such as making it visible to everyone, only linked connections, or limiting access to specific groups.
  7. Explore and connect: Once your Feeld profile is created, explore other profiles and find potential matches in your desired dating or social circles.

Remember to review Feeld’s guidelines and terms of service regarding profile creation and usage for a seamless experience on the platform.

Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers

Interface & Design

The interface of Feeld is sleek and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate through the app’s various features. The layout is minimalistic yet visually appealing, with a combination of bold colors and clean lines. Users can access their profile settings, matches, and messages effortlessly from the main menu. The design ensures that important information stands out while maintaining an uncluttered look.

Feeld’s design focuses on enhancing the user experience by providing clear visuals and intuitive functionality. The swipe-based navigation makes it simple to browse profiles and express interest in potential connections. Additionally, the app incorporates messaging features seamlessly within each profile, allowing users to connect easily without any hassle. Overall, Feeld’s interface and design contribute to a seamless online dating experience for its diverse community of users.

Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers

What I Liked as a User

During my two-month stint using Feeld, I was genuinely impressed by the variety of feeld members available on the platform. Additionally, one feature that stood out to me was the group chats, as they provided a unique opportunity for open discussions and connections among like-minded individuals. This article will explore my experience with Feeld during this time period and discuss why these features made it a standout platform for meeting new people.

  • Feeld has a diverse and open-minded community of members. I appreciate the wide range of individuals on the platform who share similar interests and values. Through my interactions with Feeld members, I have had meaningful conversations and connections that have enriched my personal life.

  • Group chats on Feeld provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and discuss topics that are important to them. I have found these group chats to be engaging and inclusive spaces where I can freely express myself and learn from others. It is refreshing to be a part of an online community that fosters genuine connections rather than surface-level interactions.

  • Feeld offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive features that enhance the overall experience. Navigating through the app is seamless, allowing me to easily explore profiles, initiate conversations, and discover new possibilities. The sleek design and functionality of Feeld contribute to a positive user experience.

  • Feeld works towards creating a safe and inclusive environment for its users. The platform actively encourages respectful communication and consent, which is crucial in any exploration of relationships or desires. I appreciate that Feeld takes a proactive approach in prioritizing the well-being and comfort of its members by emphasizing clear boundaries and healthy interactions.

Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers


Feeld offers both free and paid features to enhance your online dating experience. With the free version, you can create a profile, browse through other profiles, and send messages to potential matches. However, Feeld also offers a premium subscription that unlocks additional functionalities such as advanced app settings, access to group chats, and the ability to view private photos of other users.

One of the unique features on Feeld is the option to have multiple profiles within one account, allowing you to explore different identities or preferences while maintaining privacy. Additionally, Feeld allows users to choose whether their profile pictures should be visible only with their permission, adding an extra layer of control over their online presence.

  • Group Chats: Feeld allows users to engage in group chats, fostering a sense of community and enhancing communication among like-minded individuals.
  • Unique Features: The app offers unique features that go beyond standard dating platforms, providing a space to explore unconventional relationships and alternative lifestyles.
  • App Settings: Feeld provides comprehensive app settings, allowing users to customize their experience and tailor it to their specific preferences.
  • Send Messages: Users can easily send messages on the platform, facilitating conversation and connection with potential matches.
  • Profile Pictures & Private Photos: Feeld enables users to showcase their personality through profile pictures while also providing the option to share private photos with selected matches for deeper connections.
Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers


A paid subscription to Feeld offers numerous benefits, including access to the majestic membership features. The pricing options for Feeld are competitive compared to other dating apps in the market. While you can use Feeld without paying, the experience may be limited when compared to the additional features offered with a paid membership.

Feeld provides various payment methods for users’ convenience and flexibility. Whether it’s through credit cards or mobile wallet services, users can choose their preferred method of payment. With its extensive range of features and reasonable prices, Feeld presents itself as a viable option for those seeking unique connections and exploration within open relationships or non-traditional partnerships.

Subscription Option Price (USD) Features
Free Free – Create a profile and browse Feeld members
– Send and receive messages
– Like and match with other users
Majestic Membership $15.49/month – Advanced search filters
or $29.98 for 3 months – Unlimited likes
or $71.94 for 6 months – Access to "See who liked you" list
or $99.88 for 1 year – Hide your profile from Facebook friends
Majestic Couple $24.99/month Same features as the Majestic Membership
Membership or $47.98 for 3 months
or $89.94 for 6 months
or $119.88 for 1 year
Supporter Membership $11.99/month – Stand out with a unique badge
or $23.98 for 3 months – Access to advanced preferences
or $35.94 for 6 months – Incognito mode to hide from Facebook friends
or $59.88 for 1 year

Free Services

  • Feeld offers a variety of free services that allow users to create profiles, view other people’s profiles, and connect with potential matches.
  • Users can access basic messaging features without requiring a paid subscription.
  • The app also provides the option to browse and explore a diverse range of individuals and communities at no cost.
  • Free members have the ability to use filters when searching for matches based on their preferences.
  • Feeld enables users to join groups and engage in conversations within these communities without any charges.
  • While there are additional benefits available through a paid membership or upgrading to the Majestic Membership, Feeld ensures that several essential features remain accessible to everyone for free.

  • Feeld offers a paid subscription service called "Majestic Membership" that unlocks exclusive features and benefits.
  • With the Majestic Membership, users can access advanced filters to tailor their match preferences more precisely.
  • Users with a paid membership can see who liked their profile and match instantly.
  • The paid subscription also allows users to hide their Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections from seeing their Feeld profile.
  • Members enjoying the Majestic Membership receive priority support from Feeld’s customer service team.

A paid subscription to Feeld, known as the majestic membership, offers significant advantages compared to its free counterpart. With a paid membership, users have access to enhanced features and functionalities that make their experience on the platform much easier and more enjoyable.

Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Feeld members have the ability to create unique profile descriptions, allowing them to define themselves in a distinct way compared to other sites or apps.
  • Users on Feeld have the option to share private photos within their profiles, offering a level of intimacy and personalization not commonly found on other platforms.
  • Profile pictures on Feeld can showcase diverse relationship dynamics and preferences, providing potential matches with a more comprehensive understanding of each member.
  • With its open-minded member base, Feeld offers a community that fosters exploration and acceptance of various lifestyles, setting it apart from other dating sites or apps.

I have come across various user profiles from other members on Feeld, a dating and social platform. These profiles serve as a means for users to introduce themselves and showcase their interests, preferences, and desires. The profile sections typically allow individuals to define their relationship status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and provide a brief description about themselves or what they are seeking in potential matches.

From my observation, many users tend to incorporate humor or unique details into their self-descriptions to stand out among the diverse member base.

One prominent aspect that stands out in these user profiles on Feeld is the use of profile pictures. It is interesting to see how individuals present themselves visually through chosen images with varying styles – some opt for clear headshots while others show more creativity by including scenic backgrounds or playful poses.

Additionally, there is an option for private photos where users can share intimate visuals exclusively with matches who have expressed interest in accessing them. Overall, exploring the different user profiles has allowed me insights into the diverse range of personalities within this community and helped me understand how I can also make my own profile standout among potential matches on Feeld.

  • Create an interesting bio: A well-written bio helps to define your personality and interests, catching the attention of other Feeld members.
  • Use creative prompts: Utilize Feeld’s profile prompts to add unique perspectives about yourself, engaging users in a more meaningful conversation.
  • Showcase diverse interests: Highlight various aspects of your life to portray your versatility and draw interest from potential matches.
  • Be authentic: Being genuine in your profile encourages others to connect with you on a deeper level, increasing your chances of finding compatible partners.
  • Upload eye-catching profile pictures: Choose appealing photos that represent your best attributes and capture the attention of users scrolling through profiles.
  • Share private photos selectively: Offering access to private photos exclusively to selected matches enhances intrigue and exclusivity among potential partners.
  • Engage actively in the community: Participate in Feeld’s member base by attending events, joining discussions, or initiating conversations, increasing your visibility on the platform.
Feeld Review 2023 – An Honest Look at What It Offers

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance on Feeld. The platform provides verification options for its users, ensuring the authenticity of profiles. To combat fake accounts and bots, Feeld has implemented measures to detect and eliminate them from the app. Additionally, a two-step verification option is available to enhance user protection further.

Photos uploaded by members undergo manual review before being displayed publicly, guaranteeing privacy as stated in Feeld’s policy.

However, there is room for improvement in terms of safety and security on Feeld. While efforts are made to address fake profiles and enhance privacy, it would be beneficial to strengthen these measures even more rigorously. Ensuring complete anonymity remains crucial for some users who wish to hide their presence on the app from friends or acquaintances they may encounter within its community.

Fake Profiles

Feeld, like any other online platform, faces the challenge of fake profiles and bots. However, Feeld prioritizes safety and privacy for its members. The app has implemented several measures to verify user authenticity and remove suspicious profiles from the platform. Additionally, Feeld offers a unique feature that allows users to hide their presence on the app from their friends’ visibility, providing an added layer of discretion. To ensure a genuine and secure experience, Feeld actively monitors and maintains a safe environment for all its members.

  • Be vigilant: To avoid fake profiles and bots on Feeld, stay alert for any suspicious behavior or red flags. Look out for profiles with limited information or unrealistic photos, as well as those that send generic or repetitive messages. Keep your safety and privacy in mind while interacting with other Feeld members.

  • Verify authenticity: Take advantage of Feeld’s verification features to ensure the legitimacy of a profile. Feeld offers options like link verification, phone verification, and social media integration. These steps will help minimize the risk of encountering fake profiles and protect your safety.

  • Utilize discreet settings: If you want to hide your Feeld activity from friends or maintain a higher level of privacy, make use of the app’s built-in settings. Opt for the "Hide from Friends" feature to prevent your contacts from inadvertently stumbling upon your presence on the platform. This allows you to explore conversations and connections discreetly.


Users can access support for Feeld through multiple channels. They have a comprehensive support page on their website where users can find answers to common questions. Additionally, users can reach out to the Feeld support team via email for more specific inquiries or issues they may be experiencing. The response time from the support team is generally prompt and efficient.

Unlike some other platforms, Feeld provides direct and easy access to their support resources without requiring phone calls or lengthy wait times. Their informative FAQ page serves as a useful self-help tool, ensuring that users can quickly find solutions to common problems. Overall, Feeld’s accessible and responsive support system sets it apart from other alternatives in the market.


Alright, my fellow lovebirds and hopeless romantics, gather ’round for another dose of dating wisdom from yours truly – the one and only dating guru extraordinaire! Today, we’re delving into the realm of online dating once again as I bravely dive headfirst into the chaotic world of Feeld. Now, hold onto your heart-shaped hats because this feeld review is about to get real. So let me start off by saying that trying out countless dating sites and apps has become a bit like going on a rollercoaster ride after binging on spicy tacos. You never quite know what you’re gonna get but hey, sometimes it’s surprisingly fun! Now, when it comes to Feeld… well, imagine being promised an otherworldly adventure through the star-studded skies with handpicked partners who are as rare as unicorns 🔮✨. Sounds intriguing at first glance, right? Unfortunately folks, Feeld left me feeling more confused than standing in front of a modern art masterpiece without my glasses (cue comical squinting).

From the moment I swiped open this app hoping for some romantic magic to sprinkle its way into my life, all I got was a string of profiles looking like they just walked straight outta “The Twilight Zone.” Seriously people, if you thought finding Bigfoot or Santa Claus were mythical quests – try finding someone normal on Feeld! Now don’t get me wrong fam – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with exploring your wildest fantasies or embracing different relationship dynamics. But Feeld seems to have taken things a little too far down Oddsville Road. It’s like wandering into an alternate universe where everyone speaks alien code 🛸👽 instead of flirting. To add insult to injury, this so-called dater’s paradise wants you to cough up cold hard cash just for the privilege of using their quirky platform. Look folks, spending money on niche experiences can be thrilling (cue the adrenaline rush of skydiving), but splurging on Feeld feels about as wise as investing in a third home for your collection of creepy dolls. Let me make one thing abundantly clear: if you’re searching for genuine connections, meaningful conversations, or even just a laugh-filled night out with someone who doesn’t wear tin foil hats – Feeld might not be worth your precious time and hard-earned money.

The dating experts are waving their red flags like confetti at this point, my friends! So there you have it! My short and sassy opinion on Feeld – an app that’s left me more bewildered than a squirrel trying to navigate Times Square. Save yourself the hassle, folks, and go chase love elsewhere. And remember, always trust the wisdom of your favorite dating guru (AKA moi) when it comes to matters of the heart! Stay cheeky and swipe wisely, my fellow ninjas 🎭✌️

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1. Is Feeld legit?

Absolutely! Feeld is definitely legit when it comes to exploring unconventional connections and open-minded dating experiences. It caters to individuals seeking unique relationships and allows them to authentically express themselves in a safe and inclusive space.

2. Is Feeld worth the money?

Absolutely worth it! Feeld offers a unique and inclusive environment that encourages exploration and open-mindedness. Plus, the app’s sleek design and easy-to-use features make connecting with like-minded individuals a breeze.

3. Is Feeld a scam?

No, Feeld is not a scam. It’s a legitimate dating app specifically designed for individuals interested in non-traditional relationships and exploring their sexuality in an open-minded community. Give it a try if you’re curious and eager to connect with like-minded people!

4. Is Feeld working and can you find someone there?

Yeah, Feeld totally works! There are plenty of like-minded individuals on the app who are looking for unique connections and experiences. So if you’re open-minded and up for exploring untraditional relationships or casual encounters, give it a shot – you might just find someone really cool there!

5. Is Feeld real?

Oh yeah, Feeld is totally real! I’ve used it myself and had loads of dates from there. Trust me, you’ll find plenty of like-minded people who are just as interested in exploring their desires as you are.

6. What are Feeld alternatives?

If Feeld isn’t quite tickling your fancy, fear not! You can give apps like OkCupid a whirl, where you’ll find a wide range of daters looking for all sorts of connections. Alternatively, you might want to check out 3nder (now known as Feeld), the app that actually inspired Feeld and offers a similar experience with its focus on inclusivity and non-traditional relationships.

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